St Cloud Senior Citizen Center Inc. (SCSCCI)

Hello and welcome! 

It is official we are opening -- please see our schedule below.

Community Crafters

Opening Date: 2/10/2021
Day/Time: Wednesday/ 1-4:00PM
Room/Capacity: Community Center/ Cypress Room/ 15 people 

St. Cloud Line Dance 

Opening Date: 2/8/2021 and 2/12/2021
Day/Time: Monday/ 2-5:00PM and Friday 11:00-2:00PM
Room/Capacity: Community Center/ Magnolia Room/ 40 people
Preregistration required 

Friday Night Music 

Opening Date: 4/16/2021 
Day/Time: Friday/ 6:30-9:00PM
Room/Capacity: Community Center/ Magnolia Room/ 40 people

Step by Step with Gail 

Opening Date: 2/3/2021 /
Day/Time: Thursday 5:30-9:00PM STARTING in May
Room/Capacity: Community Center/ Magnolia Room/ 40 people

Fun 2B Fit

Opening Date: 4/19/2021 
Day/Time: Monday and Friday 8:30-9:30AM
Room/Capacity: Community Center/ Magnolia Room/ 40 people

Let's Dance

Opening Date: TBA
Day/Time: Wednesday 6:00-9:00PM
Room/Capacity: Community Center/ Magnolia Room/ 40 people

St Cloud Garden Club

Opening Date: 5/8/2021 
Day/Time: 2nd Saturday 11:00-2:00pM
Room/Capacity: Community Center/Cypress Room/  15 people

Sons of Union Vets 

Opening Date: 1/9/2021 
Day/Time: First Saturday of odd months (Jan, March, etc.) 9-6:00PM
Room/Capacity: Community House/ 20 people

Patchers of Time 

Opening Date: May
Day/Time: Tuesday 8:00 - 6:00PM and 2nd Saturday of the Month 
Room/Capacity: Community House/ 15 people


Opening Date: 2/1/2021 
Day/Time: Monday/ 8-9:00AM and Friday 8-9:00AM through May 14th. 
Room/Capacity: Community House/ 15 people

More to Come

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This has been a challenging time for so many. Your SCSCCI Board has stayed active and has worked with the city to provide training and safety to our club presidents. Each club has made an independent decision about how best to open and when. 

You will begin to hear some SCSCCI members talk about going back to the Community House or the Community Center. I want to emphasize that there is no single opening date. Openings have been individualized based on the group size and needs of club members. Please wait to hear from your club president.

It is best to contact your club president for further information about your club activities.

As always be safe!

Lorraine Patusky

SCSCCI President

Tough times never last, tough people do.

Stay strong. We are thinking about you. 

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SCSCCI Executive Board 

Lorraine Patusky        President

Brian Withrow            First Vice President

Lindy Bowers            Second Vice President

Jenny Bate                Secretary     

Betsy Bratz,              Treasurer        

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Staying in touch 

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We are planning for reopening. Read about our safety plan in the EVENTS section.

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I hope you and your families are well. 

SCSCCI has developed a COVID safety plan to ensure the health and safety of all of our members. So stay tuned there is a light at the end of this tunnel. 



The COVID virus is turning us into our dogs. We roam the house looking for food, take naps on the coach, get scolded "NO" when we approach a stranger, and look forward to car rides. 

I need to practice social-distancing from the refrigerator.  

Saint Cloud Community Center

3101 17th Street. St. Cloud, FL. 34769 

Phone 407-957-7392 


St. Cloud Community House  
716 Indiana Ave. St. Cloud, FL. 34769 
Phone 407-498-0541

Building our community . . . Be Inspired 

SCSCCI coordinates the scheduling and promotion of seventeen clubs and a year round calendar of special events. Check out our clubs.

All ages are welcome for fellowship and fun!

SCSCCI is an organization that coordinates special interest clubs and sponsors events for adults. We specialize in programs designed by active adults for active adults in both the St. Cloud Community Center & Community House.

Keep up to date about clubs that will reopen with our NEWS page 

Read about our safety plan to protect our members on our EVENTS page