Step by Step (with Gail)

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Welcome to Step by Step

Club Officers 

President - Betsy Bratz

VP - Carlene Garst New

2nd VP - Gail Smith

Secretary - John McMahon

Treasurer - Lindy Bowers



Wednesday 10:00-100PM then moving to Thursday from 5:30-9:00PM 

(starting in May)

St Cloud Community Center

Magnolia Room:  Please use back door. 

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Origin of Gail's logo: I danced so much that my boots would get holes in them. I had to have my leather boots resoled every 6 months! One day I decided to take a picture of them with one standing and one laying down so you could see the hole in the bottom of the boot. Tada, LOGO!  I inserted the GS to make it official.


Gail will be teaching some of the popular dances being done in Central Florida and throughout the country. You can dance to ALL types of music! Line dancing is a fun way to exercise and meet new friends! It's also great exercise for your mind! We hope you will come join our line dance family! 

Get to know our COVID Safety Plan

  • There will be temperature checks before entering the ballroom.
  • The first time you come, you are required to fill out a Coronavirus/COVID-19 risk acknowledgement form for The City of St. Cloud.
  • No more individual sign-ins. We will have a sheet printed up with your names on it and a designated person will check off your name.
  • Donations: You must have exact change! NO change will be provided.
  • All chairs will be sanitized before and after class.
  • We will have AC, but no fans are allowed.
  • Everyone will be required to wear a face covering when entering and leaving the building. Face coverings are NOT required while dancing. You WILL be required to wear them when you are seated and not participating.
  • While on the dancefloor, we must be spaced 10 feet apart! A maximum of 20 people allowed.
  • No food will be served or shared. If desired, each individual may bring their own food/snacks and drinks for their own consumption.
  • All of the safety rules and regulations of the CDC and SCSCCI MUST be followed by everyone or the whole center can be shut down again

More than a dance lesson it is fellowship and purpose. Last year the club gathered and donated Toys for Tots to St Cloud Fire and Rescue