St Cloud Line Dance Club 

Join our family of line dancers and make new friends and be ready to have fun dancing. 

Contact John Dutt: 407-744-1700 

If every time you take one step forward, you take two steps backward...don't be discouraged you just learned how to line dance. 

January 2023 

Change in schedule:

Monday, January 2nd - no class
Friday, January 13th  will be shortened to 3:00pm due to an SCSCCI Executive Board Meeting. 


Beginner Dances

Bounce Bounce; Music:  Crystallized – Kim Sozzi 

Baby Shivers; Music: Shivers  - Ed Sheeran 

Flip a Quarter; Music: She had me at Heads Carolina – Cole Swindell 

Wild; Music:  Wild Hearts – Keith Urban 

Improver Dances 

Tonight We Dance ; Music: When You Dance With – Britt Hammond 

No Body; Music: No Body - Blake Shelton

 Til the Neons Gone;  Til the Neons Gone – Josh Mirenda  

What makes us different? You don't have to know how to line dance to start. We will teach you!


Ultra Beginner/Beginner/Improver 

Ultra Beginners have not line danced before. The only prerequisite is that you know your left from your right. Ultra Beginner dance classes  teach basic steps such as the GRAPEVINE, POINTS, STOMPS, SLIDES, the SHUFFLE, and the WEAVE. 

Beginners know the basics steps but need additional practice and are looking to add to their dance repertoireMost beginner dances are 32 count dances. 

Improvers are are ready for a challenge. Improver dances can be 32 to 64 count and often include syncopation and “tags” or re-starts.   

You are ready to line dance!

For a chance to watch beginner or improver dances go to CopperKNOB 


Monday and Friday Line Dance: 

Absolute Beginner/Beginner on Monday from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. 

Experienced Beginner/Improver on Monday from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM

There is a $2.00 suggested donation per class 

Lessons consist of learning each segment of a dance, practicing each “wall” and then dancing to the music.

Hint: Please wear shoes that are comfortable, support your feet, and will slide on the dance floor. We ask you not to wear flip flops, boots with metal cleats, or high heels. 

Check out our dances. Click on a song and you will go to a website (CopperKNOB) to get step sheets and see a demonstration of the dance. 




Ms. Jody's Thang, Ed Williams. Music: Ms. Jody’s Thing – Ms Jody 

Georgia Peach, Pat Meikle. Music: One Night at a Time – George Straight   

Beginner Rock, Hayley Wheatley. Music: Scream and Shout – Will I Am 


Beginner Dances: 

Baker Street, Alston Biggs & Meteinick. Music: Baker Street – Undercover

Baby Shivers, Noel Roos. Music: Shivers – Ed Sheeran

Flip a Quarter, Janet Kearney. Music: She Had Me at Heads Carolina – Cole Swindell 

Come Dance with Me, Jo Thompson. Music: Come Dance with Me – Nancy Hayes   
New Flame, Gail Smith.   Music: New Flame - Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels 

Improver Dances: 

Heaven’s Jukebox, Jose M B Vane & Willie Brown. Music: Heaven’s Jukebox – Jaden Hamilton  

Wonderland Waltz, Rob Fowler. Music: Welcome to Mystery – Plain White Ts