St Cloud line Dance Club

Join our family of line dancers and be ready to have some fun dancing and making new friends.

Learn to Line Dance to Country & Rock N Roll Music

No partner necessary

Too much dancing causes lots of smiles
You will forget your troubles....
Dancing is advantageous to your health
Dancing is pleasantly addictive
Try line dancing and you will come to love it!

All ages welcome!

Contact: John Dutt at 407-744-1700

What makes us different?

Ultra Beginner Classes

Ultra Beginners have not line danced before. The only prerequisite is that you know your left from your right. Ultra Beginner dance classes  teach basic steps through the following dances.

Electric Slide: In this dance you learn the GRAPEVINE. The grapevine is a side step, cross behind, step side - usually finished off with a touch as you bring your feet together. If you can step to the right or left – you can do it!

Elvira: The Oak Ridge Boys song Elvira is the perfect music to learn side steps, forward motion, and a HITCH, which is lifting the knee of the free leg as you make a quarter turn. 

Smooth: Danced to the San Antonito Stroll, you will practice footwork such as POINTS, STOMPS and of course the stroll. 

New York, New York:  The always popular New York, New York introduces you to the SHUFFLE, which is 3 steps that take only 2 beats of music, and the WEAVE. The weave is similar to a Grapevine, but involves crossing in front as well as behind.

You are ready to line dance! 

Beginner Classes 

Beginners may know the basics steps but need additional practice and are looking to add to their dance repertoireMost beginner dances are 32 count dances. Examples of beginner dances include: What Makes You Country, Gin & Tonic, Broken Stones, A Little Love Worth Waiting 4, Sweet Home Alabama, or Come Dance with Me. Dances are taught for three to four weeks and then become part of the “open dance.” For a chance to watch beginner dances go to CopperKNOB 

Improver You reach the improver category when you are ready for a challenge. Improver dances can be 32 count (Empty Space, Chris Young) to 64 count (Forget-me-Not, Ronnie Milsap) and often include syncopation and “tags” or re-starts.   

Advanced line dancers may consider:  Smith and Western Advanced Line Dance Club. It meets on (FRI) 6–9:00PM all year in the Magnolia Rm. Lessons and open dance, all ages welcome. Contact:  Betsy Bratz at 407-460-2640/Gail Smith 407-408-5039 . *please use back entrance.  

There is a $2.00 donation per class and after four classes you must join SCSCCI ($10.00 per year)  

Monday Line Dance:
2:00-2:30 Ultra-beginner lessons
2:30-3:10 Beginner lessons
3:10-3:25 Break
3:25-4:15 High Beginner/Improver lessons
4:15-5:00 Open Dance
Thursday Line Dance:
5:30-6:00 Ultra-beginner lessons
6:00-6:40 Beginner lessons
6:40-6:55 Break
6:55-7:45 High Beginner/Improver lessons
7:45-8:30 Open Dance

Lessons consist of learning each segment of a dance, practicing each “wall” and then dancing to the music.

Open dances are dances that have previously been taught. There is no lesson prior to the dance.

Hint: Please wear shoes that are comfortable, support your feet, and will slide on the dance floor. We do not recommend flip flops.